Sleep Apnea and Cluster Headaches

Friday, August 26, 2005

Here are a few articles regarding the links, of sleep apnea and cluster headaches. Does sleep apnea cause this painful disorder?

Does sleep apnea cause cluster headaches? ...researchers also found that patients with active cluster headaches had significantly higher maximum end-tidal carbon dioxide levels than did those whose cluster headaches were inactive during the study. "It is possible that a decreased responsiveness to carbon dioxide may trigger headaches,"...

An article titled
Sleep Disorders May Cause Cluster Headaches
from June 2000 states
"..25 people with cluster headaches were evaluated in a sleep laboratory. Of those, 20 people, or 80 percent, showed some signs of obstructive sleep apnea, a condition in which the upper airway closes during sleep, breathing stops, and sleep is briefly but repeatedly disrupted throughout the night."

Here is a brand new study, August 2005, about sleep apnea titled Clue to why some die during sleep by the University of California.
"...a cumulative loss of cells in the area of the brain that controls breathing is to blame - triggering a condition called central sleep apnoea."

General information on connection's between Sleep Disorders and Headache.
In patients with cluster headaches who have sleep apnea, it is suggested that they may be experiencing an episodic decrease in oxygen during the night that can precipitate the headache attacks. In patients who have chronic cluster headaches, it is noted that two-thirds of the attacks usually occur during the last two hours of sleep.

If you have clusters headaches or just do not feel rested in the morning, talk with your doctor about a test for sleep apnea might not be a bad idea. Cannot hurt to find out. Getting tested might save your life. I am scheduled for my test in the first part of September.

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