Saturday, September 03, 2005

Well we finally did it. After two years Mindy and I gave our 1 month notice. Now the fun part, looking for another place. Moving is one of the biggest stresses. Both of us are dreading it but we could not take much more of this place. Would not have been so bad if the maintenance actually maintained the building. But that is all behind us now.

I just hope we can find a place are both happy with. Some place close to Mindy' work. We don' enough together as it is. Between her work schedule and my clusters we can go days without spending more than a few minutes together. Hopefully this move will change all that. One big hope I have is that I will be happier at our new place. It is no secret I am sick of dealing with our neighbours smoking pots at all ours of the day, barbecues with 5 foot high flames. walking down the hall and smelling everything in everyones apartments. From their garbage to what is one the stove. That has been extremely tough on me because smells tend to make my clusters worse or even trigger them during my never ending bouts. If this move decreases the attacks by one of 2 a week the move for move will have been more than worth it. Will any luck I will get more relief than that. A change of environment could be a great help when improving a chronic pain situation I think. That is all for tonight. I need to do a bit of tidying and pack a box or 2 before bed.


If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.
-Mary Engelbreit



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