Mindy's Xmas Party

Monday, December 05, 2005

On Saturday, Mindy and myself went to her company's annual Christmas party. She was excited quite excited about going ; most of our the day was spent preparing for that evening. We even braved the mall with all its holiday shoppers for an outfit. The plan was to meet up at a friend’s house so a group of us could car pool. The carpool was a hell waiting to happen, just for me mind you. The reason I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about was because if I start to feel the start of cluster headache I could leave and Mindy would be able to enjoy the rest of the event without having to deal with 'the Mr. Hyde' personality that tends to be brought along.

The dinner party was held at a heritage estate. The floors were laden hardwood and a roaring fireplace in a large open living room mixed with the elegant nuance that only comes with years of care gave it a very friendly atmosphere. Employees and their spouses were for the most part pleasant and enjoyable. There are always one or two who I hope not to be unlucky enough to be cornered by because they have had a couple too many. The type where the level of volume is more important than understanding what is being said. Nevertheless, for the most part everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, including me until dinner.

Don't get me wrong I loved the dinner. The whole dinner was not the problem, just one lousy ingredient. I knew right away I would be in trouble and my concerns about the carpool would be validated. The mushroom and I suspect the steak as well had wine added to them, a red (for the meat sauce) and quite possible white wine in the mushroom soup. Alcohol is one of the worst offenders for sufferers in cycle. By the end of the meal, I was on edge, wanting to disassociate, and of course in extreme pain. I did my best not to let the attack ruin Mindy's evening. Eventually I wondered off by myself to find a nice spot by the fireplace. I figured that being out of the way would be a better than have coworkers tell Mindy what a grump I am. I did not want that to be reflected onto her.

At the mercy of the carpooler, we finally headed home a few hours later. Too soon for Mindy and too late for me. I was silent, I think for most of the ride home. The pain had most of my attention. My memory is quite foggy will in a cycle. It always gets like that with an intense attack. The cycle is still going strong. I have hope that it will be gone by xmas. Mindy bought me the dvd 'A Muppet's Christmas Carol' to cheer me up. It certainly helped. I have wanted that movie since it first came to VHS. She is too good to me I think.

If anyone is interest in chatting on Google Talk about clusters, migraines or anything else, Please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be found at the same email as at the bottom of the page.

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