Testing is finally over

Monday, February 20, 2006

After 2, 6 hour sessions I have successfully completed the tests to see if or how badly my brain has been damage from the accident with ethanol glycol that started the last 4 years of pain. They were quite draining. But there was one bonus I hadn't counted on. This was the first time in over 4 years a doctor has seen me during an attack. Normally I would cancel an appointment if the pain is to high on that particular day. But with having such a long period with him they might be able to better understand what I have been explaining all this time.

I have been told some preliminary result based many on the doctor's observations while he conducted the tests. He is pretty sure I have some cognitive impairment. To what degree he is not sure and will have to wait till the results of testing come back. After which decisions will likely be made on how to proceed. He is going to push my GP & neurologist to sending to me to St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver for further testing as well as to enroll in their pain clinic. I hope it is better than the last pain clinic I went to. By all accounts the reviews are pretty positive from people I have talked to. Also he will be suggesting that a MRI would be a good idea just to check and verify what is already known.

Now the big question. Will all this help me find a job that I will be able to do on some sort of consistent basis? With the summer coming up it will be easier than if I started all this headed into the fall and winter months. Not my favourite time of year because that is when cluster headaches are at their worst, at least for myself.

Another problem he thinks I am having is that because I have above average intelligence(his words not mine) I am having trouble 'letting go' of the life I used to have with regards to not being capable at various task. This of course is causing immense frustrating on my part. It is almost scary to know my mind may never get back to the level of functioning prior to the accident. If there was any day I could have over, that would certainly be near the top of my list. Things will work out in the end. They always do.

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Did you go to the pain clinic? Does the arrival of Spring bring on more cluster headaches for you?
Hope you're doing better...

By Blogger franglaise, at 18 April 2006 at 11:44  

No, not yet. I was hoping the latest Rx would help ... and it did. Quite well in fact. The best to date, However, after a couple a weeks my stomach became very irrated making the Divalproex Sodium not stay down long enough to be effective.

Spring amplifies the effect the pain of my chronic cycle. I am not sure about more or less attacks in any given season but a stable weather system makes life alot more manageable.


By Blogger Versilleus, at 19 April 2006 at 21:59  

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