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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sorry about the lack of post. The cluster headaches and pain level are at an all time high. Feels like the days when I was having to fight with everyone to prove that it wasn't all in my head. Metaphorically speaking of course. That was 5 years years ago, well 4and a half. I think my body is completely resisting my meds right now. Not sure what I will do if they aren't adjust. Daily ER visits is not something I want to or should have go through again. If a bit of energy comes my way I will post a bit more but for right now the pain is winning and the more rest I can get the better.




Take your time, and get all the rest you need. I am thinking about you, and hoping that things get better.

We will still be here, ready to read when you are feeling better.

By Blogger Jackie, at 4 June 2006 at 13:20  

I have taken Immovane for several months: I take 1/2 of a 7.5mg tablet for two nights and go without on the third. It does work and I have found no negative side effects. If you want further details, please feel free to email me.

By Anonymous Gary, at 6 June 2006 at 19:22  

Hey Paul....I went Chronic CH around 99 or so. Lived with the monster since age 15 when a slew of docs hadnt a clue what was up. DX.d "CH" at age 19,now some 20 years ago, and put on a tricyclic. That worked for years until i developed an irregular heartbeat from it and then the typical CH saga continued. DR,s/indian medicine/herbs,and a bunch of people i wanted to punch in their head who would ask the " have you tried advil?:)" and 30 different drugs know.....
CH is rare enough but us Chronics are even rarer huh? So much to say but then again we both know the same story dont we? I see the same sinister sense of humor in your posts that most of us seem to have especially when we prove that only sleeping an hour a night actually is destructive to humans he he he ...Only a fellow sufferer can with ya bud.....

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4 July 2006 at 09:38  

Thanks everyone for your support and words of encouragement.

Anonymous: U know exactly what you mean about your advil comment lol. The flip side is if we take the Advil we get to we have rebound heands! WTF??? We can't win.

Gary: That sounds like a similar regiment I was on. But I was taking 4, 7.5mg. The only bothersome side-effect I found was the general amnesia. In a funny way that was great because I couldn't remember just how much hurt I was in. Not a bad trade-off I think.

Jackie: Thank you for your thoughts. I have missed reading your comments as well as your blog.


By Blogger Versilleus, at 17 July 2006 at 02:18  

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