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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What I thought I would do is keep journal on my experience at a Pain Clinic is like. This is my second stab at a Pain Clinic. The first one was private so I couldn't afford most of the treatment. Luckily British Columbia has one of the best Pain Clinics public or otherwise. Since it is public all the treatments are covered and with a little luck I will have a new lease on life. Heck, a life is something I desperately need. I will write about what happens with each visit or day as an inpatient. If I'm admitting as an inpatient, which seems likely because they doctors I saw were very interested on how the attacks are so closely linked with the circadian rhythm ( internal clock). I have at least 4 attacks a day at 1 and 3 am/pm. The word they used was "fascinating". Wouldn't be the word I'd use for it but from a scientist I can definitely see the interest. There may be some time between posts. So post frequency will be the same ;)

After roughly a year on the wait list ( our public health care system working at peak efficiency ), last week I FINALLY had the initial 1 hour consult appointment for the Pain Clinic. For what I remember it wasn't too bad. The clusters were nice enough to keep me up most of the night before and kept the attacks frequent and painful. If this were any other appointment I would have canceled it.

By the time we arrived ( my mom was nice enough to drive me there. Thanks mom!) my mind was mush and honestly not sure what to expect . Lucky for me I had printed off some information for them . Triggers, medications that worked or didn't, different treatment successes and failures, current medications and so forth. In short my headache diary. One of the most important tools in any sufferers arsenal. It helps the doctor to better understand the overall situation and make a more informed diagnosis.

I was called into an small, cozy office by a doctor ( don't remember the names and wouldn't use them anyhow ) and motion to a rather comfy leather lazy boy recliner. At that point I noticed there were 2 other doctors plus the one who invited me in. They sat 2 facing me and one to the side. This was a little nerve racking, yet the environment was informal and relax. Now the consult began. I was literally being ask question after question from what seemed like all directions. This was the first time since this hell started I wasn't being accused, being told it was all in my head etc. They were really listening and quite concern of the low quality of life I have had for the past several years. This was probably one of the best appointments I've ever had had.

But I have to run off for now. This cycle kept me up all night and now it is just past 9 am. My body is falling asleep (yeah) so I better head off before I get my 3rd or 4th wind. But I will post more when I am rested.


The basis for optimism is sheer terror.
-Oscar Wilde

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Paul, I am sorry that you have had such a terrible time with the clusters, but I'm encouraged by the clinic's doctors.

It is nice to be at a place where you are not judged but listened to. All the best in this new clinic!

By Blogger Jackie, at 26 February 2007 at 11:04  


Please keep posting as you can. I hope this clinic will find some answers for you

By Blogger deborah, at 26 February 2007 at 13:49  

I'm so glad you found a good pain clinic. Good to hear from you.

By Anonymous Stacy, at 5 April 2007 at 18:58  

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