Goodbye Summer, Hello cluster season!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

This past summer has been a bizarre one for me. Clusters have been fairly mild in intensity compared to other summers but no less frequent. Likely one of the reasons for the lack of pain was one of my medications would not stay 'stuck'. My new city seems to have been plundered by one of two generic makers. With the other one requiring a 'special order'. Originally this was normally 24-48 hours. So being able to pick it up when I felt well enough to make the journey was not an option. After a good many berates by both myself and my doctors the pharmacists finally believed the issue was with the medication and not how it was being used. The stupid part about this is every one of the Pharmacies I dealt with said that my complaint was extremely common for that particular brand. I wish I was told about this at the beginning instead of being told to either 'just use tape' or apply a new one. According to this current pharmacist, the type does not matter. Despite the fact that if the patch can not 'breathe' moisture tends to build up underneath thusly separation between the patch and skin. Of course if this happens there is no where for the medication to be absorbed. No worries though. No one can know everything about their particular profession.




Paul, you wrote in your last post:

One day will there will be nothing left of who I once was, who am I and what will be left of me

I know exactly what you feel like after suffering from lots of episodic cluster headaches from the age of 16 to roughly 50 years old. I lost all my jobs and all my romantic relationships, never got the education I wanted, and was economically we'll say "challenged" the whole time. My bouts were often many months long, and usually at least a couple of months long, usually around 6 or ten screamers a day.

Ah well, I did have a fair bit of time to read and write. Unemployed people do have that.

I've gone about 8 years now with occasional migraines still but absolutely no clusters.

I wouldn't dream to decide such things for someone else but I can tell you it was worth the wait, I have a fun job, a decent home and a good life and I'm not even afraid any more. And I like who I am--lots--even though I'm not exactly what I expected or hoped to be.

I'm a long way from stupid, my intellect is everything it ever was--and I can still construct a coherent sentence, easily. And I learned a lot even *from* the headaches; they taught me things about me, about other people and about what life can be that maybe other folks don't get to learn.

It was a long long wait, but I'm fine now. I'm almost 60 now and there are days I feel like a teenager in the world with so much still possible for me.

I hope the same for you.

My post is just to let you know what's possible still.

By Blogger Ron, at 20 November 2008 at 23:29  

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