Capsaicin for Pain Control

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

An article at Science Daily about how Capsaicin can be used to combat pain. According to the article Capsaicin cremes are "commonly sold over the counter as effective treatment for a variety of pain syndromes, from minor muscle or joint aches to those that are very difficult to treat, such as arthritis and neuropathic pain." I had heard some individuals have had some success with it to lessen pain. Besides it won't hurt to try.

The directions for creme I picked up says to uses 3-4 times a day with a burning sensation "being observed with less". I can definitely say it does burn! Likely this was amplified by my sensitive skin. Others have not had much issue with the creme in that regard. As for helping with my cluster pain it did lessen pain intensity somewhat but for me the burning sensation was too much for my skin to handle. It did work wonders for my joint & muscle pain but around the ocular region it was too hot for too long for me to endure. Has anyone else tried the creme or capsule ? Did the capsules work better? Worse? Did it trigger a cluster? Put it off?
Lets hear your thoughts in the comment area.

The article is entitled "Hot Chili Peppers Help Unravel The Mechanism Of Pain"


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I've had great luck with white tiger balm for my temples when my migraines present themselves. I'd like the scent to be about half of what it is, however. They also have a white tiger balm sports rub which works great for the temples and back of the head. Lasts about 30 minutes for the intense heat and then another hour or so after that.

By Anonymous Aaron D., at 4 March 2009 at 13:25  

The Capsaicin lasts for several hours and has, thankfully, no smell, at least with the product I used. The smell was the big drawback with tiger balm. My sense of smell becomes too heightened. Not as bad as a migraine but annoying enough to keep me away from it. Still tiger balm works great for the achy muscles following an attack.


By Blogger Versilleus, at 4 March 2009 at 14:07  

You might check with your doctor about getting a laticaine (sp?) cream for your temples and back of your neck. I had some and it worked great. It was to help in between the shots.

By Blogger Christina, at 14 March 2009 at 20:54  

I've heard about this. Sadly, though, I can't take spicy foods and I'm allergic to bell peppers. I'm not really that fond of the balm thingies either. I think I'm going to stick to buying tramadol online and watching my diet and activities closely.

By Blogger Abbey, at 14 May 2009 at 12:55  

tiger balm works well with migraine and muscle pains. its smell is not a problem for me too, for it helps relieve head pain and nausea. i have yet to try capsaicin.

By Anonymous smartchic, at 24 June 2009 at 08:47  

Becareful of Tramadol or Ultram. Even though its not a narcotic, it is a synthetic of the narcotic pain med. It still manipulates the same pain receptors that a narcotic med does. Regardless of what people say it is addictive. It also will give rebound migraines like a narcotic med will, but not as bad.

By Blogger Texas, at 14 August 2009 at 09:15  

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